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IPR services

In the beginning there's an idea which becomes a properly protected invention most surely with the help of a knowledgeable and trustworthy patent attorney.

PatentConsulting surveys the client's interests and evaluates the possibilities for the protection of a new invention as well as provides the most appropriate protection strategy.

Individualized service with thorough consideration of the client's needs assures the new invention will be provided with just the right kind of protection.

Services concerning Intellectual Property Rights:

  • Protection by means of IPR for innovations, new products, distinctive marks etc.

  • Drafting of patent, utility model, design and trademark applications

  • Advance inquiries and prior art briefings

  • Settlements and statements related to IPR-infringements and employment inventions

  • Taking care and maintenance of domestic and foreign IPR-matters

  • Consulting and training

Intellectual property rights

Protection by way of intellectual property rights is commercially important because there's no other way of obtaining an exclusive right to prevent others from exploiting the invention constituting an object of intellectual property rights without authorization from the proprietor of this right.

In Finland, the intellectual property rights comprise the following: Patent right, Utility model right, Design right, Right to a circuit model of an integrated circuit, Trademark right, Right to a commercial name, and Protection of trade secrets, for example against an improper conduct, specifically in business.

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